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Sales Enablement platform and services for B2B Startups, Scale-ups and Enterprises

Our purpose-built Sales Enablement platform and services are designed by sales experts to incorporate best practice to provide exactly what you need to deliver a transparent sales process.

Our mission and values

Our mission is to make starting and scaling a business easier, more exciting and to remove friction points across your sales process.

Our shared values that underpin everything we do:


We don't theorize, we execute. We make sure all firms we work with get more done faster.


Every person can achieve great things when given the agency to succeed and fail in a safe space. We provide an environment of support, autonomy and feedback for people to flourish.


Our products are battle-tested by our Founders so we can continuously improve and learn from our mistakes, and we strive to build these learnings into each product.


Everyone gets further working together, than alone - we want to go on this journey with others to share the victories and help each other through the tough times.


We're building a culture based on transparency and honesty, where decisions are made collaboratively and quickly to clear the way for growth to occur.

Assuming Positive Intent

We approach teammates, clients, partners in each situation with the assumption that people are trying their best to do what is right.


There is nothing more valuable than your client’s time. Therefore, it’s imperative that diligent preparation occurs to ensure this time is used wisely.

Meet our leadership team

Scott Jenkins

Scott Jenkins

CEO and Founder

Alexandra Cole-Broadway

COO and Co-Founder

We've been simplifying sales for a long time

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Our partners

A digital sales process to boost revenue and increase profit margins

Having worked with 100+ entrepreneurial organizations and multiple VCs/accelerators, we wanted to make the Stack Global methodology and technology platform accessible to any business looking to tighten their sales cycle and align their resources to execute against it.

From experience, we know there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to growth. Our online platform is designed to help businesses of all sizes achieve their revenue or growth goals by giving them the tools and guidance they need.

Within the Stack platform, you’ll find templates, strategic and best practice guidance and a toolkit to help you define your digital sales process to generate value quickly.

Stack is a new, revolutionary way to do sales. It’s a digital platform that lets you amplify the use and value of your CRM software and with strategic guidance and onboarding services, Stack is the perfect fit for achieving the unique objectives of your business.

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