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Meet the Co-founders of Stack

Scott Jenkins

CEO and Co-Founder

Alexandra Cole-Broadway

COO and Co-Founder

Our mission

Sales is inherently messy—because people are messy. Stack’s aim is to make even the most complex company’s sales cycles as clear as humanly possible so that sales reps can do what they do best: Sell. 

Our team

Stack is led by Co-Founders Alexandra Cole-Broadway in London, UK, and Scott Jenkins, In Portland, USA. Long-time co-workers and friends, Alex and Scott created Stack when they noticed that everyone had become comfortable using a CRM, but nobody seemed to understand their sales cycles. 
Together, Alex and Scott are making sales simple for their clients by addressing what everybody else seems to have forgotten: Sales isn’t just about data in a database, it’s about getting people to adopt new behaviors.
And perhaps most brilliantly of all, Stack is a family-owned and operated company. No VC. No external owners.

Our values


We don't theorize, we execute. We make sure all firms we work with get more done faster.


We provide an environment of support, autonomy and feedback for people to flourish.


Collaboration fosters growth - we share the victories and help each other through tough times.


We have a transparent culture where decisions are made collaboratively.

Positive outlook

We approach everyone with the assumption that they are trying to do what is right.


There is nothing more valuable than our clients' time. Therefore, we always plan and prepare.

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