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B2B Email Marketing Best Practice: Personalized Emails

Let’s talk about b2b email marketing best practice. 

Personalized sales emails produces 20% more sales opportunities compared with non-personalized ones. 

There’s actual science to support this!

The science: 

  • Personalized content makes people feel special. 
  • Taliored content gives people a sense of having control. 
  • This generates a sense of consumer empowerment. 
  • The consumer becomes compelled to make a purchase decision.
Plus, personalization is proven to make customers more attentive to what you have to say. In fact, emails with a personalized subject line have 29% higher unique open rates.

The simplest way to personalize your next email

Use the prospect’s name. 

Rule number one of B2B email marketing best practice is to address the person you’re talking to. 

This makes them feel important, and increases the likelihood of them paying attention to your email amongst the hundreds of others flooding their inbox. 

You can use their name in: 

  • the subject line 
  • at the beginning of the email 
  • in questions you ask them directly, like this:
b2b email marketing best practice template

Other ways:

There’re lots of other opportunities for personalization too. You could try:

  • Complimenting a prospect on a recent achievement, e.g. featuring in an article, winning an award or delivering a seminar.
  • Bonding with them over a shared interest. Or, if you don’t have any, asking them about a passion or hobby close to their heart will help them warm to you. Anything that puts you and your brand in their favour is worth a shot.
  • Mentioning their existing technology, and how yours is a better solution.
  • Highlighting a mutual connection. This will give them something to relate to and a more compelling reason to read the email and respond.
It can feel strange digging around on LinkedIn looking for ways to connect with prospects. Trust us, it’s flattering and your customers will appreciate the effort.

Now that you’ve got your personalization skills nailed down, why not learn how to write a killer sales email introduction? 

We hope this article has been helpful and you’ve learned more about b2b email marketing best practice. We have countless other sales best practice tips and advice in our resources section, so stick around and keep learning.

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