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Streamlining sales processes by 50% for B2B financial technology businesses

Stack is designed to help B2B financial technology companies of all sizes take control of their sales cycle.

There’s no one-time fix for sales problems. It requires a series of stages and evolution that lead to tangible benefits. Constant evolution equals constant marginal gains.

Built-in templates, digital playbooks and integrations with HubSpot help you optimize your sales process for increased value and fast results.

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What you can achieve with Stack

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BridgeFT - B2B FinTech

  • 10x growth in client base over three years
  • Series A Funding raised off the back of the sales growth
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WalletFi - B2B FinTech

  • 20% better prospect qualification at the top of the sales funnel
  • Venture financing was raised, with the repeatable sales process highlighted
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SixThirty - B2B FinTech

  • 5 key areas of improvement / efficiencies to be made within each portfolio company
  • Deal velocity and sales funnel metrics baselined for each portfolio company

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How we help Startups, Scale-ups and Enterprises

Streamline your
sales process
by 50%

Improve qualification
of your lead funnel
by 20%

10x growth of
client base

B2B Financial Technology Startup Founders and CEOs

Create a consistent, impressive digital sales process to boost your business’ growth and help you stay competitive at each stage.

Gain the trust of investors by providing an accurate representation of your financials and a smooth sales process that inspires confidence.

“In a short period of time, Stack was able to organize my sales and GTM processes to cut out the noise and help us focus on the true, key drivers of our growth.”

Marc Miller
Founder & CEO

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B2B Financial Technology Head of Sales

Centralise your sales information and data in one platform, which will deliver a smooth experience for your customers. This will help remove the bottlenecks and weak points in your current sales process, so that you can empower your sales representatives to focus on the right activities at the right time.

Guide less experienced team members through each step with a clearly defined process and the questions they should be asking prospects at each stage for improved qualification.

“After following the Stack process, we implemented a successful sales engine that was a big part of our successful Series A fundraising effort.”

Rasheed Hammouda
Founder & CEO

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B2B Financial Technology Revenue Operations

Achieve higher win rates and faster sales cycles so you can grow your revenue and make an impact across your business.

With the right tools in place, you can create a transparent data-driven process that removes silos across your revenue team. This delivers a shared source of truth and accountability that will support your revenue goals.

“Stack is an invaluable resource that helps our founders optimize their sales cycle while helping to eliminate founder fatigue.”

Kaitlin Carpenter
Program Director

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