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How To Write a Killer Sales Email Introduction

Have you noticed that the hardest part of writing a sales email is starting it? Once you’ve written your sales email introduction, the rest usually flows right out. 

So, how do you actually go about writing your attention-grabbing opener? 

Well, you don’t. 


The best method for writing the perfect sales email introduction is to stop stressing, write the rest of your sales email first, and then come back to it at the end. By then you’ll have a better idea of how you want to introduce your email and hook the reader.  

Here are six tips for writing a killer opener, once you’re ready to do it:

1. Keep it relevant

Make sure the opening line of your sales email reflects the key topic of the email. Always.

2. Tell a joke

Most sales emails are bland and uninspired. Stand out from your competitors by slotting a joke in your sales email introduction and put a smile on your audience’s face.

3. Get to the point

Try and keep your opening line short and snappy or readers will lose interest.

4. Open with a story

People love storytelling. Not only is it fun and easy to read, but it’s also a great way to create a deeper and more personal relationship with your audience. Get creative and weave a story into your sales email introduction.

5. Use a statistic

One of the best ways to squeeze a lot of information in a small space (i.e. the opening line of your sales email) is to use a statistic. Plus, statistics make you look knowledgeable which adds credibility to you and your brand.

6. Be personal

As much as you can, talk directly to your reader. “People buy from people” is still true today in the digital age. 

However, this one is all about striking the right balance. Being friendly can help your reader warm to you, but you shouldn’t appear overly-familiar. It’s creepy. A useful rule of thumb is to only be as friendly with them over email as you would be in person.

Being prepared to send great emails is crucial for salespeople, especially since you have to send so many of them. It can take an average of 5 follow-ups to close a sale!

80% of sales require an average of 5 follow-ups to close the sale

Ultimately, writing killer sales emails that actually convert takes time and brain power. This can be frustrating when you’re out of juice and you need inspiration. Plus, you have to make it work since email is 40% better at converting (in comparison to Facebook and Twitter).


That’s where sales enablement tools can give your team a leg up, such as a flexible question bank that serves you key messaging for your next conversation piece with a prospect just when you’re hitting a blank.


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