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Sales App and Sales Conversion Program

Streamlining sales processes for Manufacturing businesses

Manufacturing sales leadership are facing increasing challenges due to internal and external pressures.

Do these challenges resonate with you?

  • Disconnects and inefficiencies between your people, processes and tools.
  • Lack of clarity in your sales cycle, resulting in an unwieldy and unreliable sales process.
  • Digital foundation for your sales organization is not set up for growth and scale.

How Stack can help

We are a team of sales cycle experts with decades of global experience working with enterprises to empower their sales teams. Our solution resonates with manufacturing specialists because it delivers unparalleled efficiency and measurable sales growth.

Our 4-Step Process for Manufacturing

Stack is a specialized firm built to tackle operational and behavioral challenges in sales-driven manufacturing organizations, empowering teams to convert more business through an Enterprise Sales Portal, bespoke digital tools, and new sales insights.

Step 1


We spend time with your sales leaders and operators to understand your operating model, growth goals, and to discover your challenges keeping you from exceeding these goals.

Understand your goals and blockers

Step 2

Immersion & Collaboration

After deeper immersion in your business, we propose and scope a solution that combines technology and consulting to ensure long- lasting transformational change that positively impacts your bottom line.

Design and scope your program

Step 3

Configuration & Implementation

We work with your sales leadership (plus any adjacent stakeholders) to implement your sales portal (inclusive of bespoke features & integrations) and your sales- conversion program to solve your growth challenges.

Delivery of consulting and technology

Step 4


We roll out your sales portal to the wider team, whether within your organization or external. We educate your teams on how to get the best out of the digital tools and instill behaviors & processes that are permanent.

Rollout of program

Recent Manufacturing Experience

Results from a leading North American HVAC manufacturer
Stack provided consultative and technical services to empower the business to convert more.

15% Year on Year growth

Sales cycle shortened by 20%

100% Stakeholder adoption

Delivery Approach

Stack deploys expert knowledge across sales and technology to architect a solution that focuses on value delivery for businesses. 

Design sales conversion programme

Once that a lead is generated, how to do we get it to close efficiently and effectively

Deploy configurable digital platform

An out the box enterprise grade platform ready for your inside and outside sales reps to pitch, propose & close deals

Create bespoke digital tools & integrations

Combine separate systems together and create new high impact technology solutions to solve complex problems

What are the outcomes from working with Stack?

Maximize Customer Retention and Acquisition:

  • Unify sales process for consistent customer experiences
  • Drive customer loyalty through enhanced engagement
  • Win new business with streamlined and professional sales approach

Accelerate Sales Training and Onboarding:

  • Empower reps with standardized training materials
  • Reduce ramp-up time for new hires with structured guidance
  • Foster a knowledgeable and confident sales team

Boost Revenue Achievement:

  • Optimize sales strategies for improved conversion rates
  • Identify and replicate best practices for higher deal sizes
  • Unlock untapped revenue potential through process efficiency

How we help enterprise sales teams

Streamline your
sales process
by 50%

Improve qualification
of your lead funnel
by 20%

10x growth of
client base


How you can boost your bottom line

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