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The most useful thing we’ve seen all year.” – PE Partner

Maximize the revenue efficiency of your portfolio companies’ sales processes with Stack:

  • We’ll deconstruct, reconstruct and automate their sales cycles.
  • We’ll enforce best practice to enable reps.
  • We’ll provide sales leadership with easy & actionable reporting insights. 

Be operational in 30 days.


How you can boost your bottom line

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Making sales process compliance and reporting EASY

Enforce best practices to enable efficient revenue generation.

Companies in your portfolio should have a repeatable, efficient sales process that’s aligned to their business objectives. If they don’t, they may not be capturing all the money on the table, or minimizing deals lost and inefficient revenue spending. 

We get that busy companies don’t have the necessary time to do the invisible work that produces efficient sales processes. During our proven program, we’ll fix the nuts and bolts, help them see the trees from the forest, and guide your portfolio companies to the right solution to maximize their revenue efficiency. 

Recent Experience

Results from a leading North American HVAC manufacturer
Stack provided consultative and technical services in the form of a sales app and conversion program to empower the business to convert more.

15% Year on Year growth

Sales cycle shortened by 20%

Lead attribution enabled

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I’ve never seen such an easy and straightforward way to get our portfolio companies to up their revenue efficiency game.

We’ve got Stack working across a number of our companies and it’s having a direct impact on our revenue projections already.


General Partner


PE Fund

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Stack have put together an unbelievable product for us – a tool that simplifies the whole process for everybody. They listened to what we wanted and gave us exactly that. Stack is more hands-on than anyone we’ve worked with, always positive, and responsive to our needs. We’ve already recommended them to a number of our customers because of the exceptional service and solution they’ve delivered.

Scott Intagliata, CMO



You're a PE fund manager?

Let’s see if we can be part of your revenue playbook.

You're a portfolio company?

Great! Let’s get started with improving your revenue performance.


No, we are product company, with the “digital command center” for a firm’s sales process as our core offering. Many times a client needs some level of services to implement their core product, and we gladly help with this.

Yes, upon request, we can develop bespoke sales tools on top of our existing product.

We begin by deconstructing your sales processes and reconstructing an optimized, repeatable version. This optimized process is then inputted into our proprietary software, serving as your digital command center for sales. The integration with your CRM ensures that the right playbooks are pushed to the right deals at the right time. Depending on complexity, this process typically takes 2-4 months.

Working with us yields improved visibility for company and sales leadership into sales processes, easy adjustment and distribution of processes for Sales/Revenue Ops, timely access to relevant deal information for reps within their CRM, and clear lead attribution paths for Marketing per sales cycle.

If there's a mutual fit identified in our initial conversation, we proceed to involve any other stakeholders for further discussion. We swiftly draft a scope of work with pricing, agreeing on outcomes and ROI. If this process extends beyond a few weeks, we reassess our approach.

We streamline the process from the beginning. Within days of engagement, you'll see the potential outcome. Within a couple of weeks, you'll have a live version, and a few weeks after that, implementation is completed. We handle the resource burden entirely.

Our pricing is competitive, typically a fraction of a junior FTE. We charge a one-time implementation fee and an ongoing product license fee. Contact us to discuss your firm's needs, and we can provide ballpark pricing promptly.

Yes, the core Stack Standard integrates seamlessly with your CRM system.

Our impact


Crystal clear view of what is & isn't working in your firms' sales processes, down to the exact activity.


Sales/Revenue Ops can adjust the process easily & distribute instantaneously to reps & channel partners.


Reps have the information in their hands to move a deal forward at the right time. Marketing has clear path for lead attribution per sales cycle.

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