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The Sales Acceleration Program

Deconstruct. Reconstruct. Automate.

Combining decades of c-suite leadership experience and strong technical understanding, we helps firms with complex sales cycles grow through a combination of thinking and technology.

Why do people need Stack?

Four classic use-cases…

Use case #1

Revenue Growth

Sales leadership must demonstrate revenue growth.


Structured processes are crucial for success, guiding reps on audience, message, collaboration, and deal disqualification, ensuring adherence to budgeted revenue goals.

Use case #2

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Heads of Marketing & Sales must collaborate for revenue efficiency.


Clear ROI for each marketing effort requires a well-defined sales process, digitally represented. This facilitates real-time campaign feedback, enabling optimization of revenue and expenses.

Use case #3

Head of Sales Excellence

Head of Sales Excellence requires tools & processes for field reps’ success.


A centralized “command center” within Salesforce ensures easy access to necessary resources, crucial for moving deals forward effectively.

Use case #4

Ops Clarity

Leadership & Sales Ops acknowledge operational efficiency’s impact on profitability but lack clarity on SOP implementation.

Ensuring visibility into deal progress and coaching opportunities requires granular milestone measurement and seamless communication within Reps’ workflow.

If we haven’t captured your exact requirements above, please contact our team and see how we can still help you.

How does it work?

We like to meet our clients where they are, but in general, we follow an 8-step process to deconstruct, reconstruct and automate their sales cycles. The result is an efficient, repeatable and scalable process captured in a sales app that works exactly as you need it to.


Step 1


Break down your current sales building blocks.

Step 2


Understand company / division / leadership priorities & culture.

Step 3


Build back a simplified, repeatable sales cycle.

Step 4

Fine tune & sign off

Socialize, iterate and ensure it’s right.

Stack PRO

Everything in Stack STANDARD, plus...

Step 5

Technical requirements

Transform your business requirements to tech.

Step 6

Build & deploy

Build your custom integrations, tools & insights.

Step 7

Roll out & train

Arm your people with the know how & materials to succeed.

Step 8


Technical & sales success support – we’re here for you.

The end result

At the end of the program, you’ll have the following in your hands.

1. Command Center for your sales process

Repeatable processes that are easily visible, flexible and editable – that integrates seamlessly with your CRM – to make sure the exact tools are surfaced right when the Rep needs them to move a deal forward.


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2. Mobile & Desktop App

Giving anyone selling – outside sales, inside sales, channel sales – everything they need to move a deal forward, in one place, at their fingertips.

Recent Manufacturing Experience

Results from a leading North American HVAC manufacturer
Stack provided consultative and technical services to empower the business to convert more.

15% Year on Year growth

Sales cycle shortened by 20%

100% Stakeholder adoption

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