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Sales Enablement Tools: The Permanent Fix for Your Sales-Related Headache

Sales Enablement Tools: The Permanent Fix For Your Sales-Related Headache

Look, sales technology may not solve everything but it does play a major role in today’s sales landscape. 

Maybe you’re buying new sales enablement technologies and updating your sales process time and time again but still not seeing a big improvement. For example:

  • Are you still finding a lack of alignment between your sales process and marketing efforts? 
  • Are you still struggling to fight competition for a limited number of potential customers? 

Stop wasting your efforts and soothe that headache by implementing your sales enablement process correctly. 

How technology can improve your sales enablement process

A study by The Sales Management Association (SMA) found that companies that were

late in adopting sales technology were 12% below meeting their annual firm sales objectives. 

Technology can help organizations by facilitating sales enablement best practice. The purpose of these tools is to improve the efficiency of your sales process by automating tasks so that your teams can do their job better, shortening your sales cycle overall.

Sales enablement tools that can improve your sales enablement process

Market intelligence tools inform marketing departments about the target market’s buying behavior based on trends found in sales data.  

Content analytics tools show the content’s impact on an audience such as their engagement statistics via heat maps or Google Analytics.  

Content sharing tools allow all resources to be accessed and updated in real-time across multiple departments.  

Prospecting tools automate the finding and contacting of leads. This creates time for other tasks.  

These tools, however, are only beneficial to sales enablement if used to their full potential. The tools must be customized to meet the needs of the organization and be properly understood by the team. There is nothing to be achieved by sending automated emails to leads that don’t even qualify. 

The understanding of technologies needs to be across all departments. What good is it, collecting data about your target market and how they perceive your product, without then adapting your sales technique to meet their requirements? 

Enter: The Sales Enablement Platform

A sales enablement platform is used to store all of the intelligence gathered from your sales enablement tools and guarantees alignment of marketing, sales, operations and product teams, to guide decisions in the sales process.  

Stack is an easy-to-use, digital sales enablement platform that aligns sales efforts with your existing technology stack. It works by bringing all data and resources together to keep practices consistent and form a cohesive strategy. 

You can access and edit features easily and effectively and redistribute all resources and information across the organization.   

Stack enables you to: 

Map your sales cycles

Top sellers close 80% of an organizations’ deals. Create standardized practice with a repeatable framework based on your highest-performing sales representatives.  

The sales cycle is mapped out for each ideal customer profile. Your best sales rep breaks the stages of the sales cycle into activities, Stack empowers all your reps to do the same.  

The sales cycle builder is visual, making it easy to understand and explain to sales reps.

Create digital playbooks

You can create your perfect sales playbooks on the Stack platform, so everyone has a similar framework in which to operate. Design your playbooks to include all necessary sales resources, content, training, plays and more all in one space. 

The flexible question bank provides sales reps with appropriate questions to ask their prospective customers, prompting the next stage of the sales funnel, and helping them disqualify with ease.

Integrate with your HubSpot CRM

Stack integrates natively with HubSpot as an official partner. Define your sales process in Stack and share it through HubSpot for full visibility and ease of communication.  

Get started quickly with built-in sales templates

Stack’s templates follow industry best practice. They can guide you when you first get started to ensure you’re not missing anything. 

Integrate with your existing technology stack

To streamline the sales process and make sure all data is accessible and used effectively. This removes possible data silos. 

In conclusion, sales enablement is necessary to have an up-to-date, strategically aligned sales process to generate revenue in a competitive sales environment. Technology is helping to make this process a lot easier but only when the organization uses it effectively.  

Stack is a sales enablement platform that helps organizations keep all of their teams on the same page, with all the information they need to get the most from your sales process.

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