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Strategy and Onboarding

We don’t waste your time. We use our expertise to provide strategic guidance and onboarding designed for what you need and to solve your problem.


Strategic guidance and onboarding from industry experts

We’ll jump straight into understanding where your pain point is so you can get your digital sales enablement process live and delivering value quickly.

Our proven process is delivered by our team of sales and industry experts, where we will show you how improvements to your sales cycle can impact your revenue, client count and valuation.

How we streamline your sales process by up to 50%

Sales Strategy Process

How we can help you

Raise capital

Defining attributes in clients, partners and individual personas most likely to engage in the buying process.

Sales cycles

Mapping the number of sales cycles present, stages and sales activities in each.


Codifying the best practices of every activity that lives within a sales cycle.


Aligning questions and talking points for each sales activity.

Sales state duration

Measuring how long deals should be in specific stages, in/out of compliance deals and stage drop-out rates.

pipeline audit

We'll help you identify and fix at least 5 things that are holding your sales cycle back.


What you can achieve
working with Stack

Generate value quickly using an efficient and scalable digital sales process

Virtuous circle

We'll help you create a positive feedback loop across your entire sales process.

Streamline by 50%

Our experience has helped us streamline clients' sales processes by as much as 50%.

Knowledge transfer

More impactful training, onboarding and knowledge share delivered by our sales and industry experts.

Faster lead qualification

Our best practice processes are designed to provide clear steps for faster lead qualification.

Autonomous sales team

Empower your team, helping them prioritize the right actions at the right time for improved efficiency and greater results.

Accurate deal pipeline

You'll achieve a transparent, data-driven sales process for greater accuracy and predictability of your pipeline.

How it works

Stack Executives lead every session

60 – 90 minutes virtual working sessions

Choose the timeframe that works for you

Deliverables are in the Stack software, allowing you to iterate

Speak to our strategy and onboarding team

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